The Complete Thyroid Book by Kenneth B. Ain and Sara Rosenthal



Kenneth B. Ain was interested in medicine The Complete Thyroid Bookand biology through his high school years.  He volunteered at the Mutter Museum at the Philadelphia College of Physician and worked in the summers at the medical labs. Dr. Ain’s third year of medical school, he was under the wings of a new endocrinologist where he learned about endocrinology and thyroid. Later, he specialized in treating patients with dysfunctional thyroid and become the founder and directed the Thyroid Oncology Program at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky.  Dr. Ain together with his wife, Sara Rosenthal, a bioethics and sociologist, wrote “The Complete Thyroid Book” for the purpose to provide people with information about thyroid disease and how to treat it.

“The Complete Thyroid Book,” provides a broader understanding of the thyroid gland.  It describes essential information on dysfunctional thyroid, recommendations for thyroid testing, how test results can vary for normal functioning lab results, and resources for healthy lifestyle.  Some doctors diagnose someone with a thyroid disease. However, they do not directly mention the patient the importance and effectiveness to treat their thyroid. Dir. Ain asked an audience of physicians questions about thyroid symptoms like tiredness, overweight, constipation, and dry skin.  A large group raised their hands.  According to Dr. Ain, “ the proper laboratory test acts as an honest broker providing evidence for making the correct diagnosis.” (Ain and Rosenthal,13). The authors do an outstanding job of simplifying information covering the anatomy of the thyroid gland, various forms of thyroid hormone, and review of different types of thyroid problems.  The book educates you how Hypothyroidism is thyroid condition where your thyroid gland is not or is over-producing thyroid hormones. It discusses issues preexisting thyroid disease towards infants at birth and women with pregnancy and menopause. According to the authors, “since thyroid disorders affect women so much more frequently, particularly as they age, balancing thyroid hormone replacement with the surrounding traditional estrogen and progesterone hormone replacement is challenging.” (196).Image result for quote on knowledge


“The Complete Thyroid Book” can be helpful for especially those who are new patients diagnosis with dysfunctional thyroid and invest in the time to researching how to normalize dysfunctional thyroid and how to live well after being treated. The authors’ purpose to this book is for patients who have been misinformed about thyroid disease or have been taking incorrect treatments and medications. According to Dr. Ain and Dr. Rosenthal, “ critical knowledge enables you to understand what underlies diseases or dysfunctions of the thyroid.” (3) I encourage readers to be self-educate by reading this book and getting a better understanding why it’s important to be aware of the red flags and not functioning normally.




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